LOKAL at Helsinki

nani IRO が初めてヘルシンキに旅に出ます!

nani IRO Textile_Naomi Ito pop up shop
LOKAL at Helsinki

Thu 17.8. – Sun 20.8.

Nani IRO Textile organizes pop up shop in Helsinki for the first time.
It is a Japanese textile brand?created by watercolor artist Naomi Ito.
Its beautiful fabric of vivid colors and poetic gradation is made from paintings inspired by the natural elements.

Opening reception! 
17. 8. 2017 5 pm – 7 pm

Sun 20.8.

Workshop 1 
Making an Azuma-bukuro from nani IRO Tenugui
Time: 11 am  Fee: 20 euro (including one tenugui)

Tenugui is a Japanese traditional rectangle-shaped textile.
In the workshop, we will make a Japanese style bag, azuma-bukuro
only by sewing two parts of the tenugui. Each participant chooses 
one tenugui from variety of nani IRO gauze selections.

Workshop 2 
making a postcard using Japanese ink and mineral pigments
Time: 1 pm Fee 25 euro (material included)

Mineral pigments are Naomi's common tools for painting.
Naomi will introduce how to use unique tools for Japanese-style painting
such as black ink, mineral pigments and natural adhesive called 'nikawa'.
Participants make their own postcard using those tools on a Japanese paper.