nani IRO ONLINE STORE 海外発送スタート!

●ONLINE STOREをご覧いただいている海外の方へ●
ご注文いただいた商品をATELIER to nani IROから海外のご自宅等へお届けできるようになりました。
Textile だけでなく、ATELIER to nani IRO オリジナル商品や、
Naomi Ito カレンダー、セレクト商品等、すべてが海外からでもご購入いただけます。

1.nani IRO ONLINE STORE(へアクセスしてください。




International shipping is now available on the “nani IRO” online store!・For our overseas customers
We are now able to ship your “ATELIER to nani IRO” order internationally!
In addition to our textiles, all of our products (“ATERILER to nani IRO” original goods, Naomi Ito Calendar, and
our Select Goods etc.) are eligible for international shipping.
We are very delighted to deliver our cherished textiles and worldview to everyone in the world.
Please take advantage of this service!

・How to shop
1. Access “nani IRO” online store (
(The link is also in bio of our Instagram account (@atelier_to_naniiro_textile).)
2. Please browse our online store using a translation tool (such as Google Translate), as our website is currently
only available in Japanese.
3. Follow the pop-up messages as you proceed and put your order into the cart for overseas users.
*International shipping options will only be available for customers shopping from overseas.
International shipping is NOT available for orders made from within Japan.
We greatly appreciate your understanding.

・Estimated weight per 1m
Please use it as a reference for calculating shipping costs.
 ・ W gauze: 140g
 ・ Linen (thin): 140g
 ・ Linen (thick): 200g
 ・ Cotton silk: 105g

If you have any other questions
Please contact us using the inquiry form.